CDA – Sonic Drift | S+T+ARTS Resilence Residency – Horizon Europe, Art Driven Experiment (ADE) in sonic cartography, Brussels – BE (2023-24)

STUDIO_L28 | production & publication in collaboration with Q-O2 and public school for architecture Brussels, Q-O2, Brussels – BE (2016)

BEEKKANT-WEST | sonic cartography, SoC-CoS – Residency, Q-O2, Brussels – BE (2016)

STUDIO_MDM | urban sound design studio and publication, SoC-CoS – Residency, Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw – PL (2015)

HASSELT-GENK | micro residency, The Sound of Hasselt & Genk by Atelier De Stad, Musica, Z33 & C-Mine, Hasselt & Genk – BE (2014)


Towards a decentering of the listener in planning and design research: attuning to affective sonic materiality for transitory railway space along Brussels Line L28 (2017-22)

Abstract: Within a context of militarized urban transformation seeking sonic strategies for dealing with alienation, repression and immobility, the importance of understanding and operationalizing sound’s affective and disruptive capacities, is quintessential. A situated engagement with affective sonic materiality in urban planning and design research promotes a rethinking of the position and role of sound in urban development and simultaneously becomes an instrument of sonic artistic and critical spatial practice. Through exploratory longitudinal case study focusing on old industrial railway space conversion into greenspace along Brussels line L28, I have studied how a decentering of human listening and sonic experience necessitates the planning and design of new sonic (infra-)structures in ways that break those confines whilst facilitating the (co-)production of alternative sonic futures emancipated from certain impasses. By connecting the avant-garde work of urban sound researchers and curators to the experiences and practices of young people involved in urban transformation, I have set out a path to a sonic vocabulary, methods, tools, and techniques for a relational, performative engagement with sonic matter in planning and design research.

Topics: sonic urbanism; sounding situated knowledges; contemporary urban violence; transitory landscape planning; acoustic comfort; sound arts technologies; sound synthesis

Pilot Study: Sunnyside Yard – Newtown Creek, NYC | a research visit supported by KU Leuven, Architecture NY-hub (2018)

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Arch. Burak Pak (Alt_Shift*, KU Leuven) and Mr Peter Cusack (CRISAP, UAL)

KU Leuven Department of Architecture, Campus Sint-Lucas, Brussels – BE


Sonic Urbanism Master Design studio_L28 | a collaboration under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Burak Pak as part of my PhD research (2018-21)

Elective course on sonic cartography | a collaboration under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Burak Pak as part of my PhD research (2019-21)

KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture, Campus Sint-Lucas, Brussels – BE


RPA / PAD BEEKKANT-WEST | a project by Taktyk, 51n4e, Alive Architecture, ABO & Tractebel & Caroline Claus & Idea for Brussels-Capital-Region, Brussels – BE (2017)

What is a sociable acoustic? | Atelier ™ (Theatrum Mundi), Collège d’études Mondiales, FMSH, Paris – FR (2017)

CRU / SVC Weststation | a project by 1010 architecture urbanism, Taktyk, Petra Pferdmenges with Christine Schaut, Caroline Claus, Annabelle Van Nieuwenhuyse & Mariska Vogel, Brussels – BE (2016)


Brussels North CDA | The Derailment of the Usual, Radio Aporee, Radio Earth, Reveil, Four questions ∣ located sound: The act and art of listening to located sound, Empty Cities.Vacuamoenia, online – Brussels – BE (2018-22)

SONIC JOURNAL T&T | Farmhouse – Parckfarm Tour & Taxis, Parckdesign 2014, Tour & Taxis, Brussels – BE (2013-14)

NYC, Detroit & Chicago – US (2013)

FOREST BAS | Master Thesis Urbanism, Urban Planning & Design, Brussels – BE (2012-13)