Caroline Claus is a Brussels-based urban sound artist and planning and design researcher.

Through research and participation in planning and design projects, she engages in the development of sound strategies to improve the quality of urban life while promoting social equity and ecological sustainability. Shifting between the disciplinary fields of sound studies, urban planning and conceptual design research as well as exploring autonomous research paths, she works on a diverse range of outcomes, including sonic cartography, participatory design studios, live recording, audio walks and synthesis.

Caroline has a long experience in supporting social organizations in the process of organizing community engagement and outreach in urban regeneration projects. She has contributed to the planning and design of transitory urban railway spaces. Caroline Claus studied Sociology (Ugent) and Urbanism, Spatial Planning & Design (EhB & VUB ∣ Cum Laude) and holds a PhD in Architecture from KU Leuven.