BNA-BBOT is pleased to announce students of the KU Leuven International Master of Architecture are taking over the VITRIEN. During a 3 month residency we will show and discuss the results of an experimental design studio and class that both took place in the year 2018-19. Thinking of an urban railway area in transition as a negotiable atmosphere of sonic and vibrational possibilities, encouraged a revision of the role and position of sound and vibration in the design of transitory processes for public railway park/places. Throughout the design process students explored urban sound as a design material more than a nuisance and transformed it into actions and opportunities for railway park/places in transition. This resulted into three different approaches and perspectives on sonic urbanism. Each of them will be presented in our VITRIEN and elaborated with talks by guest speakers and sonic walks in the open railway space of the L28.

27/06 – PART I Negotiation in Transition Vernissage + Soundwalk & Talk
7/08 – PART II Noise as Signal Soundwalk & Talk
31/08 – PART III Towards a Critical Sonic Urbanism Soundwalk & Talk

KU Leuven Masterstudio_L28 Students: Balčiūnas Vilius, Eman Afaneh, Thorisaen Sarah, Ince Melisa, Modzelewski Mateusz, Vasudeo Doyel, Yin QI, Auris Alexander and Van Bellingen Leonie.

KU Leuven Masterstudio_L28 Advisors: Caroline Claus and Burak Pak

BNA-BBOT (Brussels Belongs To Us) is an organisation that has been developing socio-artistic sound projects in Brussels with inhabitants and sound artists since 2000. Every 4 months we put the windows of our working space in Rue de Laeken at the disposal of Brussels based artists.

Masterstudio_L28 + Elective Course are part of the research project of Caroline Claus, Ph.D. Student, Altering Practices for Urban Inclusion Research Group, Department of Architecture, KU Leuven, Brussels, advised by Burak Pak, Professor, Altering Practices for Urban Inclusion Research Group, Faculty and Department of Architecture, KU Leuven, Brussels and Peter Cusack.

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Studio_L28: Sonic Perspectives on Urbanism (2018)


A new book by Caroline Claus & Q-O2, with a graphic design by Bureau Adriaan Tas.

Though sound is a central feature within urban life, it still receives little to no attention within processes of urban planning. The main difficulty in integrating sound is that it remains largely immeasurable — decibel levels say little about whether a sound is wanted or not, intrusive or welcome.

STUDIO_L28: SONIC PERSPECTIVES ON URBANISM hooks into the debate here, experimenting with tools and strategies of observation, mapping, and planning. By mixing research practices from theoretical, professional, and artistic fields, the publication argues for an integration of sound in urban planning that is multifaceted, versatile, and keenly observed.

Available on or order directly from Q-O2 (12 euro, shipping not included).