The undeveloped open space along the Western railway ring L28 has long been marginalized in Brussels planning processes. Thanks to its natural, historical and ecological richness this urban edge area is an excellent research object, especially in the context of urban sound design. The site in question is the L28 railway area, located in Anderlecht, Sint-Jans-Molenbeek, and Laeken, Brussels. To date, Brussels urbanism is little concerned about the quality of the sound environment. Studio_L28 is conceived as a research parallel to the analysis phase of the urban renewal project for that area. The studio facilitates a critical outsiders’ perspective on the current planning process. The studio, is composed of two parts: A theoretical program with talks and transversal discussions, during which topics related to sound, urbanism and the area are debated. And practical sessions with fieldwork, design research and practice on site. In constant dialogue with experts from the fields such as field recording, acoustic ecology and urban planning we reflect upon new urban sound strategies for public urban space development along the L28.

Studio_L28 (2015 – 16)

PhD Research Project (2017 – 21)