In ELB2 Urban Sound Design & the Nexus (2020) we concentrate on the mapping of different sonic experiences in transforming public green railway spaces along the Brussels railway track of L28. 

 L28_railway spaces, Brussels (North)

We set out for urban sonic research that is attuned to urban environmental complexity and is moving towards more interactivity. Through practice development, building on the work of avant-garde artists, urban (sound) researchers and designers, we define a design and performative perspective on auditory and vibrational interactions of urban rail fields in transition, as a step towards a ‘Sonic Urbanism as Critical Spatial Practice’.

Sounds lend themselves to both scientific study and artistic creation, and both of these have a part to play within our project. Methods, instruments and techniques coming from sound arts, sound studies and urban planning and design research will be used for field observations and analytical research.